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Summer Reading List

It's already July and I'm taking advantage of some down time to get some summer reading in. Here's my shortlist:

-The Girl on the Train Maybe everyone else read this book three years ago, but, hey, I've got two little kids! Well-written, fast-paced, found the ending slightly unsatisfying.

-Eligible so. much. fun. A worthy update to the Austen catalog.

-The Diverse Schools Dilemma. Very well-researched look into school segregation and desegregation issues. Research for an upcoming series on segregation in Seattle's Public Schools, stay tuned!

-American Housewife. Twisty, hilarious shorts from Helen Ellis. Great book.

-Five Miles Away A World Apart, another book on segregation, this time focusing on a case in Virginia.

-The Handmaid's Tale. Just started this one. Amazing world-building, though it's already given me a nightmare! 

-The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published. Haven't started this yet, hopefully it's helpful!

What are you reading this summer?

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