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Let the Rejection Begin!

Rejection letters are a large part of the publishing process. I've heard it advised that authors query anywhere between 40-60 agents before giving up. I've not yet begun the querying process for Manly Man of God, but I have entered both the Launch Pad Manuscript Competition and #pitchwars, and been rejected by both. That's 5 rejections to kick off this final push through editing and beginning my querying process.

Rejection sucks. I think most authors alternate between thinking that their manuscript is either a masterpiece that will change the world or a flaming pile of garbage. After this latest rejection, I'm leaning toward flaming pile of garbage, but I think the ideas are good. The characters are good. I've even been told that sections of it are funny or powerful. 

So, back to the drawing board. Re-work both the query and the first chapter. Just maybe rewrite the whole thing in first person?! It's probably crazy to do that before querying actual agents, but when I get an idea it's hard to stop myself.

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