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"Kids & Race" Re-Booted!

March has been a crazy month! In addition to querying my novel, Manly Man of God, and contributing to Fundamentally Free, I have taken on the editorship of the new Kids & Race blog. 

I've been lucky enough to watch the evolution of Kids & Race since its inception. My good friends, Jasen Frelot and Hannah Hong Frelot came over for dinner two years ago and we chatted about this new workshop Jasen was putting on as part of his internship at The Well. The goal: help a generation of parents, teachers, and caregivers (many of whom were taught the faulty notion of "colorblindness") how to speak to their kids about race.

From that first workshop, Kids & Race exploded! It has now become a series of workshops with its own children's curriculum and an associated preschool.

I've been writing grants and doing communications editing for K&R for about a year now. As someone who was once pretty ignorant on the topic, it's been a great learning experience for me, and I'm excited to reach out to other parents now with resources and answers from the Kids & Race team. We envision this blog as an extension of what happens at a K&R workshop, namely that folks can come to us for straight-forward, easy-to-understand answers to questions they have. If you have a question for the K&R team, you can email us at

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