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The End of One Era, the Beginning of Another...

UPDATE: Fundamentally Free is continuing! The blog has changed hands but will continue a regular posting schedule into the future. Keep an eye out for a few more posts from yours truly.

Fundamentally Free, a blog for #exvangelicals, is coming to an end. Our fearless leader, Mandy, has been running the blog since January, and it’s become too much. As a fellow blog editor, I know how much work it is recruiting contributors, editing and writing, creating a consistent posting schedule, and continually defining and redefining what the project is about.

I’ve really enjoyed writing for Fundamentally Free. Throughout my various posts, and especially with my last series, “Exvies Try Stuff", I’ve had the opportunity to hold my faith and my doubts, to think through my process of deconstruction as I wrote, and to push myself to explore things I’d never tried before. I truly relish the opportunity to work on these projects. And if it wasn’t quite as lucrative as I’d hoped, it was personally very valuable. I plan to compile links to my FF work on my website soon.

In other exciting news, my role with Kids and Race continues to grow! This week I completed my training to become a workshop leader. Talking through the material with Jasen was thrilling. He’s a gifted and brilliant thinker, a great communicator, and I hope that I can pull of these workshops with the same pizzazz that he does.

If you would like to book one of our three workshops (Changing the Narrative, Color Conscious, or Power and Privilege) please contact

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