Manly Man of God

a novel by Katharine Strange

Rachel has $500 to her name, a severe anxiety disorder, and an unshakable belief that a certain Seattle megachurch pastor is the cause of all her problems. After ten years of trying to get her life together using conventional methods, she decides the road to sanity runs through revenge. She will infiltrate the megachurch and destroy it from the inside.

To this end, Rachel befriends Matt, a naïve Amazon employee who commutes with her and who happens to be a rising star at the megachurch. Matt unwittingly aids Rachel as she perfects her plot, an escalating series of dick-themed pranks which aim to drive the megachurch pastor into paranoia.

Just when Rachel thinks she’s got the pastor right where she wants him, he springs his own trap, and Matt will pay the price. Now Rachel must choose between accomplishing her revenge and her feelings for Matt; between clinging to the past and looking to the future.

Manly Man of God is a suspenseful adult dramedy complete at 88,000 words. It belongs on the bookshelf between Today Will Be Different and Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

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