Katharine Strange was raised in Missoula, Montana where she spent eight years as a member of a Christian puppetry troop. She attended Seattle Pacific University just a few years after dancing was legalized. She majored in theater.

Since graduating with her B.A., Katharine has lived in Canada, Germany, and the UK. She worked many odd jobs during those years, including acting, teaching bankers how to talk about their Rolexes using correct syntax, and as a "world-class fruiterer."

In 2015 Katharine moved to Seattle, where she works as a writer and anti-racism activist. She leads workshops for parents and educators about how to talk about to kids about race and racism in addition to editing the Kids and Race blog. She is a founding member of the Seattle chapter of Integrated Schools. 

Katharine's edgy, humorous articles have appeared online in places such as ScaryMommy and Seattle's alt-weekly The Stranger. Her short fiction has been featured in Literary Yard. She is a Moth StorySlam winner, and wrote a monthly column for the now-defunct Fundamentally Free, a blog for #exvangelicals and heretics. 

Katharine lives in one of America's most diverse zip codes with her very normal husband, two sons who refuse to learn German, and two asshole cats. She loves them all anyway.

Katharine is represented by Savannah Brooks of Jennifer DeChiara Literary Agency.